Hey everybody, Mishimoto is excited to announce that we're beginning development on our direct-fit catch can kit for the 2019+ Ranger! Use pliers and twist it off. Only thing putting me off is that I know a couple of boys who have been to R-Tech and they have removed them and fitted the Rev-G DV, due to GFB not performing as it should whilst the car … GFB recommends that only qualified motor engineers fit this product. If the DV couldn't vent all of the pressure quickly enough, sure it could stall the turbo, although I've never heard of that happening on this motor. I have a question about my GFB DV+. The problem that I am having, is that in higher gears (4-6) and RPM's under 3000, I am getting a shudder once I boost over 16 psi. Took the DV off again, checked the piston movement, checked O-ring damage, Checked valve damage. puddle lamps/TVD inserts/Michelin LTX 265/65-18/ TruXedo seals for tailgate/DeeZee Dampener/ Eibachs Pro lift Kit/GFB + /Paint matched Body … There are known and documented issues wit the GFB dv that effect numerous applications across the tfsi engine range. This is more ideal, as the pressurized air does not have to travel backwards to vent. Further, preventing leakage, which will perish or become displaced over time. It is most audible when driving slow (from a standstill) - … GFB DV+. Can be a bit tight. How have you found the GFB DV+, any problems with the piston sticking? Installed mine about three months ago. The lower engine mount was also a little tired and worn. That means the valve will have to be disassembled and that little O-ring replaced to ensure the valve continues to operate as it should. My tuner asked that I replace my GFB DV+ with the stock diverter valve. GFB’s DV+ solution couldn’t be simpler – keep what works and replace what doesn’t. With the tune, the throttle is quite touchy, so it doesn't take much to boost … First of all, I have a '14 A4, APR Stage 1 tune, and an ECS Luft-Technic intake with the DV+. Altough I … My OE DV was the rev "D" one. Dunno how it it happened lol. All GFB pistons are checked for fitment and tolerance before shipment. HELP. If it’s a daily driver check every 12-15k miles for sticking. I kept the OEM pieces just in case, but the install video shows a small spring comes out of the OEM unit - I couldn't find the stock spring so I left the DV+ spring in the OEM one. He replugged the … I did notice some scoring on the sides of the piston on my GFB DV+ and the rubber seal on the end of the piston always felt 'sticky' when I checked it. I believe the DV+ piston has been sticking, so have taken it off. Advertisement ☆ 2019 Lariat SuperCrew Magnetic ☆ UPR dual vacuum oil catch can Magnaflow Exhaust GFB DV+ Custom Unleashed Tune Eibach Shock+Strut Upgrade Velossa Tech Ram Air Intake aFe Magnum Force CAI Mishimoto IC Pipes. S3_Jacko Registered User. Also used a bit of motor oil. And was wondering if it is better for the engine to take the Diverter Valve because of the MAF sensor? Others have posted that it collects dirt and starts to hang a bit. 2019 Ford Ranger Super Crew 4X4 Lariat - Lightning Blue Metallic - 501A Package - … I'm not saying that the GFB won't work, it certainly should, but I haven't actually used a GFB on a Phase 3 124. i suspect it … May be worth an email to them at [email protected] to discuss it. Some aftermarket blow-off valves require a rubber O-ring to seal the piston with the valve body. S3_Jacko Nov 27, 2013. Last night I put in a GFB DV+ thinking maybe the DV was sticking open when I shift but no change. K04-GIAC CHk01a file, GFB plumback DV TT stainless 2.5" full exhaust & DP ITG Filter, modified wheel well Bilstein Sports - H&R springs 16" Audi/VW 5 spoke wheels Michelin Pilot A/S 225/50/zr16 P&P upper strut bar AWE DTS, UUC short shifter The solenoid coil itself from the factory-fitted diverter is great so why replace it?. GFB DV+ internals question... With pics. They will not be encountered with the Rev G oem DV as the GFB uses a piston setup with the oem solenoid , whereas the oem rev G is a diaphragm setup, it wont last as long as aGFB or Rev D oem but from a performance stand point is by far … This is the point where I took DV out of the turbo and watched to see if the piston is moving. All GFB pistons are checked for fitment.....it ends with...invisible damage that could result in boost leaks or sticking. Mostly stock, APR stage 1 2.4 file, Stoptech rotors, GFB DV. Many members here have these fitted, some years ago now and I don't recall a problem in any threads, plus Brian Goodwin recommends this mod as his number one mod "If you only do … 2WD/501A Package/Tow Package/Chrome Package//Dee Zee Bed Mat / Platinum White/Truxedo Lo Pro/AVS Bug Deflector/OEM Mud Flaps/Black /Platinum Door Sills/ BedRug tailgate/VLEDS LEDs mirror, license, markers. The Forge valve does. 2014 RS MT 270 whp, 325wtq @ 26psi Spoon Collars,13 Custom Switchback Headlights AND Custom Gators w/ Demon Eyes - 2JR Uprev Tune, Mamba Turbo, 340lph fuel pump, 2JR downpipe, Injen Midpipe, 2JR Catback, Injen SRI, Injen upper hard pipes, Urethane upper/lower torque mounts, RS-R Springs, Mishimoto IC, 2JR lightweight pulley, GFB DV, … 2019 Ranger Lariat FX4 Sport 2017 Fusion Sport 2.7 … Just doesn't seem like it would be sticking to the Man appropriately. I have all the typical wheel hop and traction control mods done on VCDS unless it sounds like one didn't take. Looked at my car and it had the RevC DV installed to decided to uprate the internals with the GFB DV+ internals.. Using the SuperPro lower engine mount we managed to stop excess movement occurring under hard acceleration and gear changes, giving a better response and feel during fast gear changes. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 43 Posts. A drive immediately after showed smoother gear changes, and no signs of the 'cough' noise. i'll check it in a few thousand miles to see how it's doing. They did require that I put the car completely back to stock (remove my EC V2 intake) before they start the diagnostic procedure. Hello all, long time lurker here. I like the look of them and they should be a lifetime of the vehicle part if periodically oiling the piston. The GFB is also less expensive, which is a big plus. Re: GFB DV+ vs Rev G DV « Reply #13 on: March 29, 2018, 07:33:39 PM » I've been on a rev G for a couple of years running Stage 2 levels of boost (k03) and it's still all good as far as the seat of the pants-ometer can tell. Will get GFB out for checking and whilst there I'll pop the Rev D in and drive it around for a while to see how that area up with boost as I've never had a normal working dv in mine since my original was torn and losing mega boost. Would like to upgrade the original. FOR P0299 CODE: REPLACE YOUR BOOST SOLENOID EITHER VIA THE DEALER OR OEM REPLACEMENT... 1 of 81 BUILT IDENTICAL Mods: - MPx Intercooler Pipes Hi All, I am new to this forum and have a question about a valve for the Peugeot 208 GTI. First, it's easier to install, and doesn't add any complexity or mess under the hood. The S3 is a different story though, as the DV is located in the throttle pipe just before the throttle body. Also didn't think these GFB were fault proof as that rubber diaphragm was always going to come off at some point!. Reactions: Doc. GFB DV+ - the EC V1 (in red) - AutoRicambi muffler delete ... (dental picks may help), the clip should be sticking pround of the connector, then you can reassemble the connector to the fitting and push the clip home. The GFB DV is a very simple swap over. Only thing I can think now is I have an old buggy tune file and it might help flashing APR's latest 2.x file. If its not a daily driver- check annually for sticking. If it starts sticking get rid of the forge plate! I was able to convince them to run the DV diagnostics (1-2 hours of labor for the 4 cylinder engine), and with "no trouble found" the conclusion is that the DV is sticking intermittently. GFB DV+. The GFB valve has some advantages over the Forge product. On my Veloce (280HP AWD), been noticing this since the last few months: when I slowly accelerate and rpm hits around 1800-2500, and I lift off the gas pedal - I hear this weird noise for a second or two. GFB DV+ Problem with code. 1,734 580 113. MonkeyMD Autocross Champion. the DV valves on the TTS have an easier life than on the S3/Golf R as they are mounted at the front of the engine rather than off the turbo, so they don't get 'cooked' as much. No damage was seen I've read something on GFB related website to see if the piston is moving freely when you rev the engine. I think the only problem I've heard about installing the GFB DV+ (other than dropping a bolt in the belly pan) was the electrical DV connector was loose after installation and the owner was unable to use the Cruise Control. The GFB comes with longer bolts due to the longer body to the GFB and they're conveniently 5mm hex fittings so easy to do up with just an Alan key. Please do not drop the GFB piston onto a hard surface as this may cause (invisible) damage that could result in boost leaks or sticking. Somehow the yellow rubber ring was torn apart under my gfb dv metal housing. This was replaced alongside the GFB DV+, eliminating the chance of the problem reoccurring and allowing the DV to hold boost for longer. that's what i did, very thin coating of high-temp, waterproof grease. Warranty is for the period of one year from the date of purchase and is limited only to the repair or replacement of GFB products provided they are used as intended and in accordance with all appropriate warnings and limitations. The lip/ring that sticking up needs to be removed inside of the o-ring. I don't notice any hissing or other strange noises.I'm going to give it 4-6 months and take it off to inspect, clean, and relube. GFB expands the DV+ range with a direct-fit performance diverter solution for GM vehicles with the 2.0 LTG engine. No other warranty is expressed or implied.