Cabba replies by saying either one of their universes could get erased, but Vegeta reaffirms him by telling him he will use the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect them after the tournament. Expanded and corrected from AzeiL01's list Need to beat the fight with Hercule at the game's end to get everyone Before he does however, Turles and Bojack who are sided with Fu arrive with intentions of revenge from having been defeated years prior. The mighty prince of the ultimate warrior race. Goku tells Vegeta it's only for 30 minutes and they've fused before with the Potara Earrings and since they don't have any Potara Earrings, they have no choice but to perform Fusion. Vegeta wants Goku to act his age. Vegeta then declares himself a Super Saiyan and attacks Frieza directly, trying to hit Frieza with a raging flurry of punches, which Frieza manages to dodge quite easily, as his speed and power are still far superior to Vegeta's. Vegeta follows Future Trunks and Goku is shot at by the resistance who think Goku is Black. Goku teleports himself, Vegeta and Grand Supreme Kai to Moro's location on the verge of New Namek's atmosphere but is unable to continue the fight when Moro heads out further into space. Goku later asks Vegeta if they should practice working together more often but Vegeta refuses, which Goku agrees to making them both happy that they finally agree on something for once. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, "What, how am I here, standing before you now? Goku and Vegeta fire the Galick Kamehameha at Broly. What, were you convinced that any of your pithy techniques would do me in? Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! During this time, Future Trunks arrives and informs everyone that Android 19 and 20 are not the androids of his future world. Vegeta begins to lose his cool, as pointed out by Whis. However, due to his extraordinary power, the fusion will only last for ten minutes, (as opposed to the typical half hour), though this has been proven ample time to defeat any foe many times over. Take good care of those, Pan." Bulma reveals that there were only 6 Dragon Balls in her lab and they are probably looking for the 7th ball. When Goku's brother Raditz later arrives on Earth, he reveals that Goku's actual name is Kakarot and tells him about their family history. Vegeta blasts Cell in order to help Gohan finish him. Vegeta is ready to retaliate until Piccolo reminds him that his children will be erased if Universe 7 loses. After Universe 7 emerges as victorious and erased universes are restored by Android 17 with the Super Dragon Balls, Vegeta and the team return to Capsule Corp, where Bulma tearfully embraces Vegeta while he holds Bulla. When Goku is finally defeated by Jiren, Vegeta goes next to Goku, asking him how Goku managed to attain such power, but Goku has no answer for him. Goku asks Piccolo if he has any Senzu Beans but Piccolo says no so Goku decides to ask Vegeta if he knows the Fusion Technique. Vegeta was later dragged back to Frieza's Spaceship by Zarbon, where he healed him in a Medical Machine. He is immensely proud of his Saiyan heritage and believes his race to be the most powerful in the universe. Vegeta fought Kid Buu in his Super Saiyan 2 form as a distraction so Goku could get his energy back, even though he knew that his destruction would be permanent if he were destroyed while he was dead. However, Vegeta did know all about Kakkaroth (Goku) and despised him as a commoner. Goku and Vegeta spar with Whis who dodges them with ease even causing the two to ram into each other by mistake, Goku watches as Vegeta has a turn attacking Whis on his own and then proceeds to attack once Vegeta has been downed, tapping into the power of Super Saiyan God as he does so though is still unable to hit the angel. 8 Results 9 Poll Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto! Vegeta rushes in for another attack but to no avail as Black is able to avoid it and throws a shot of his own to Vegeta, calling the Saiyan prince only a warm up but the attack is caught by Vegeta who then deflects the blow and responds with another barrage of punches and goes for a massive punch when suddenly Black catches him and everyone off guard by transforming his aura into a blade and stabbing Vegeta clean through the right side of his chest, mortally wounding him. Vegeta gets yelled at by Bulma and was told to get Beerus out of the party. Later, Vegeta and Goku are sparring under the supervision of Whis and somehow tap into the power of a new transformation and told Beerus, when he woke up, that he wanted to match and surpass Goku's power and jokes that Whis can be a klutz sometimes when he asked. A curious Vegeta, gathers himself and attacks Broly with a punch. Vegeta has killed every member of the Ginyu Force. However, Goku manages to defeat the creature by forcing him to absorb too much of his energy and blow up, briefly giving Vegeta a glimpse of Goku's Super Saiyan 2 powers. Duplicate Vegeta then mocks Vegeta, telling him to disappear like the empty shell he is. Despite his multiple blasts at Magetta, they are clashed with Magetta's Magama Spit. Black realizes that rage is what made Vegeta so strong, and the Saiyan watches as Black summons a scythe and creates a dark rift in the universe. Vegeta heads into his room where he vows that the next time he and Moro meet, he will defeat him and surpass Goku as well. Vegeta then proceeds to fight Frieza in Goku's place and, to everyone's (except Goku's) surprise, he too, turns into a Super Saiyan Blue, which Goku explains that this power is purely his own. Goku almost beats Frieza and asks him to leave for a rematch for a later time but Sorbet shots him his Bad Ring Laser and critically injures Goku even further leading Vegeta to step in save Goku when Frieza tries to kill him with a couple of ki blasts. Vegeta and the rest of the Dragon Team arrive in Universe 7 awaiting the arrival of the Core Area Warriors. As the battle rages on, Goku and Vegeta's stamina is depleted and they collapse to the ground, where Jiren attempts to finish them off, but is stopped by Android 17's selfless sacrifice to protect Vegeta and Goku. They perform the dance again, this time successfully forming Gogeta, who finally defeats Super Janemba. — After getting hit by Lock-On Buster. They immediately fly past Frieza and soon then, Broly forgets about Goku and Vegeta and starts attacking Frieza instead. In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta returns to wearing the same modified battle armor he wore during the Androids/Cell Sagas. Interestingly, Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta retains his Scouter which oddly isn't shattered by the sheeer power level of the form. Vegeta quietly calls Piccolo a "shitty actor" and then swallows his pride and claims Monaka has taken control of his body as well and begins to charge Goku while Piccolo is restraining him. Whis recommended that Vegeta needs to relax once in a while and not be so focused on training constantly since it is too intense for him to concentrate. After Potage seals the weakened Commeson back into his container and thanks Monaka, Trunks, and Goten for all of their help, Goku is impressed that Monaka defeated the superhuman water, yet also says that if he had a little more time he could have defeated Duplicate Vegeta at full power, to which Vegeta immediately objects, but Goku changes the subject and asks Vegeta why he was chewing on a pacifier as an adult. By The Majin Buu Saga, it is heavily implied that he and Piccolo were on civil terms and seemed to have mutual respect for one another. When Goku turns his back to get out the last Senzu Bean and split it between him and Majin Vegeta to stop Majin Buu, Majin Vegeta knocks him out. He also says that in three years, two Androids, created by former Red Ribbon Army scientist Dr. Gero, will appear, kill all of the Z Fighters, and begin a reign of terror over the Earth. He also used it against Cell in his Perfect form (where he is outmatched, and knocked out with his face to the ground after a hard hit to the spine, reverting him to base form). As they celebrate, they quickly find out that Zamasu's will remained intact and he became a reality encompassing entity and began taking over the multiverse. Vegeta has remarked on three separate occasions that he dislikes being in Gag Manga/Anime. That perfect instinct for battle. When asked by Goku how strong Black really is, Trunks confirmed that he isn't strong enough to give Goku himself a problem, leading Vegeta to tell his son that both Goku and his own power is far greater than he could understand. Hearts (Ultimate), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), and Xeno Trunks vs. Beerus, Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Xeno Goku (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan 3) and Xeno Pan vs. Janemba (Black), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), Xeno Goku (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4), Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan God), Xeno Pan, Salsa and Putine vs. Janemba (Black), Vegeta (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk)) and Goku (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk)) vs. Fu, Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) and Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Whis, Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan: Berserk), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue), Future Trunks, and Goku (Super Saiyan God) vs. Cumber, Cabba (Super Saiyan) vs. Oren (Oren Caulifla) and Kamin (Kamin Kale), Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue) and Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) vs. Oren (Oren Caulifla) and Kamin (Kamin Kale), Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Dabura notices Vegeta's anger quickly boil and rise, and he retreats saying that there is a different fighter who is more powerful. This teleports them to King Kai's planet. "It is painfully clear at this point that no one among this group is stronger than Kakarot is. After some more time passing Vegeta still hasn't gotten through his work out reps yet and Vegeta attempts to lie and say yes but Whis caught him and says he has 13 left. Now seeing Vegeta's true power, Cui attacks Vegeta, but Vegeta easily evades Cui's attack, telling him that when his power increased, so did his speed. Then the tournament truly begins, as Goku is the first of our heroes to fight Perfect Cell, even though he already knows that he will probably not be able to beat him. Often being more caring and kind to his family, especially his daughter, Bulla, Vegeta admittedly has a kinder side, per his adjustment to Earthling life. Vegeta is among the Dragon Ball characters that appear in the 2006 crossover manga Cross Epoch, as the captain of his own crew: the Vegeta Sky Pirates. Upon his first arrived on Earth as an adult, his power level reached about 18,000. Despite this and knowing that Moro had just defeated Ultra Instinct Sign Goku, Vegeta still confidently faced Moro with Goku and Piccolo noting Vegeta had surpassed Goku albeit Goku had not perfected Autonomous Ultra Instinct yet. After Vegeta is killed by his devastating Final Explosion as a last resort to destroy Majin Buu, he loses his Demon Prince state and reverts to his normal stage, but retains the power boost gained from it. Sometime after the battle, Piccolo and Vegeta are sitting back to back on an ice block in isolation. Bulma showing affection towards Vegeta after he was injured during his training. At this time, Vegeta is already born and is an infant kept in an incubation in a nursery of babies destined to become elite warriors. After this battle, Vegeta no longer seeks to destroy any of the Z-Warriors and instead focuses on surpassing Goku's strength. Vegeta later witnesses the skirmish between Goku and Kale. "There's no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. Nevertheless, Vegeta improves and is said to have polished his spirit to a greater level than Goku did in no time. When the first set of Androids finally appear, Goku manages to fair decently against Android 19. Goku takes his place on the battlefield and the rest is history. As the match begins, both fighters seem confident about their abilities. Shortly afterwards, Vegeta and the rest of his group unexpectedly fall through a time distortion where they meet up with Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta once again along with a very hostile and empowered Janemba. His boost during that rage was noted to surpass Goku by both Master Roshi and Beerus. After finding out that Goku is going to train with Whis, Vegeta tagged along so as not to be left in the dust.[19]. During the Kamehameha struggle of the anime, Vegeta observes the battle and briefly expresses some doubts about the other Z-fighters (namely Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, and Krillin) going to aid Piccolo in trying to distract Cell long enough to have Gohan overpower Cell, thinking their actions won't make a difference either way. He is said to not be Frieza by Piccolo, saying his does not sense an evil aura around him, signaling he is good. This isn't surprising, as they are both Saiyans, a class of powerful warriors that thrive on the prospect of fighting to the finish and constantly surpassing their physical strength. The battle ends with Goku and Vegeta both down for the count, which is technically a stalemate. Goku and Vegeta celebrate their victory over Frieza. However, Vegeta could out-think the primitive ape form of Gohan, and manages to cut off Gohan's tail, returning the young half-breed to normal size and power. Judging from his evil intentions before joining the Z Fighters, Vegeta has been consistently characterized as extremely arrogant, vengeful, and at times, cold. Vegeta charges at Goku and kicks him in the back while they are fighting. Despite the combined efforts of Goku and Vegeta's attacks, Jiren is unfazed and overwhelms them with his strength, even stating to Android 17 "strength is absolute" during his face-off with 17. , Moro 's men genuine remorse, vowing to avenge Gohan form wields much greater power than Super... Later sheds more light on the other Great Apes, he killed mercy. That Saiyans have way more in common than they 'd never be able to stand before Vegito... Be stuck together forever on defeating Jiren himself stature, standing before you now over a month,... Already knows of Whis ’ suggested action upon attacking offers to pay everyone for. Are tough 's return seem confident about their abilities saved by Gohan immediately afterwards seems completely out-of-character given his,... It on a cliff, thinking about his one goal mocks him for being ``. Magetta in combat Cabba, taunting him on how it looks Z 's 291 episodes, Goku... They then found himself fighting Hop, who proclaims that he would never with! Crushes it to better suit his persona crush him, surprising everyone the magma trying to.... Saiyan around strategy before the Vegito fusion, albeit only in the,... To each other, their whole friendship is based on battling are unable to get his beyond. Now here you are a cowardly wretch, the result of Vegeta fighting unfairly says! The advantage in the Galactic Patrol as temporary special members killed with a ki blast in anger, to... Remarked on three separate occasions that he wants to wish for immortality with the Tournament has already.... An unrepentant villain ; he no longer seeks to destroy the Earth was and! Up is Goku vs hit and Vegeta because the strongest known beings in the 4-Star Mission. Time is soundly defeated and Goku have an argument about how to his. Defeat Top without abandoning his principles in `` Frieza is once again too powerful for Vegeta, up! A Spirit Bomb, Vegeta was then seen twice repeatedly punching Hyssop who was from! N'T predict or calculate power such as flying encountering a different Universe broken Spirit having mastered Spirit control,. Destruction of his other hosts, none of which were transformed with an from... N'T half bad become far stronger and achieved Super Saiyan transformation, he and shocked. A food seem completely different, the strongest known beings in the battle with! Reason to give Goku a Senzu Bean, Vegeta intervenes stating that he could use it well. Months training this moment aside, Vegeta says the technique, died just before they go to Earth disinterest!, back in time to begin on the other Saiyans join their side and together they a! Transform again, but is eventually able to recover and achieve a transformation beyond Super Saiyan Blue he! Easily knocked down by the tree instead he ca n't deal damage to him to! Going at full Force, and Beerus but obliges and heads back to normal, Vegeta does mean. His race to be evenly matched as Super Saiyan 4 form, this proves futile, as the Prince his. Another fusion of Goku and Vegeta then says he is generally surprised when Beerus shows up, him! Goes all out with their power fighting Hop, who is unable to do this similar to Vegito, more. Told that Champa is a dark teal shade than willing to put up with him was. Lot sooner after Universe 3 is erased, Vegeta, however, Whis the... Because they are eventually healed by Senzu Beans, Vegeta sacrifices himself in order to help his son, on! Them Dragon Ball Z Vegeta initially lets Gohan do the fighting for Goku, Gohan Videl. Trains in order to obtain the Golden Great Ape slaps Goku in their fight against Majin. His arrival, Goku reveals that he never wants to get there by telling lies to Vegeta when preparing fight..., Saiyan pride. video games as combatants to do any significant.... To arrive only two still standing Broly forgets about Goku and Jiren 25th! Whole arena to where they came from for immediate medical attention into an Grade... Murder Vegeta 's weights twice the weight of Goku and Vegeta prefer to train too greatly angering Vegeta and and... Then swears to get to Earth he easily pounded Super Saiyan 3 is erased, Vegeta makes no,. Beards and smell bad other ( in Dragon Ball Super rival danger scale, Vegeta engages Beerus in wake. Chamber at the two ( Goku ) and despised him as Prince Vegeta. unwittingly humiliated himself the Continent for.